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Miller Place DWI Defense Attorneys

In a sea of gray-and-black-suited attorneys, we stand out with not only our unique clothing choices, but also our achievements in our practice and success at trial. When we enter a courtroom, people notice.

At Ray, Mitev & Associates, we are more than just legal advocates donned in unique apparel. We are known throughout the nation as dedicated and tough trial-tested litigators, not empty suits. We strive to minimize the punishment and penalties you face following a drunk or drug-related driving arrest.

Contact a DWI defense lawyer at Ray, Mitev & Associates today to learn more about how we handle drunk driving defense.

Creative Ingenuity From Long Island Felony DWI Lawyers

After an arrest for DWI, our clients are often overwhelmed by the criminal process. At their initial court appearance, the district attorney reads off the charges as the judge towers over them. Our philosophy is to take attention away from you and place upon us. You can "disappear" while we are protecting your rights and pursuing the best outcome.

We approach all misdemeanor and felony drunk driving cases as if trial is inevitable. We are meticulous in attending to every detail, from the initial traffic stop to the sobriety and chemical tests you endured. From there, we prepare an innovative and effective defense, treating your legal matter individually and creating legal solutions based on your unique problems.

Consider us as not just attorneys at law, but also architects at law who sculpt legal precedents — boasting the most published cases in the New York Law Journal — while guiding you through the entire criminal and administrative process, including possible license suspension.

Contact The Trial Lawyers At Ray, Mitev & Associates

For more information or to schedule a consultation with an experienced Miller Place DWI defense lawyer, please fill out our intake form. You can also call our law office at 631-791-5608 or toll free at 888-345-2197.

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